• CZECH Development JZD Slusovice




1) 食饮品如:葡萄酒,果汁,乳制品,肉制品,矿泉水和糖制品。

2) 现代农业技术如水培温室,沼气能源站,太阳能电站等技术。

3) 汽车工业和航空工业的精密金属铸造工程部件。

4) 冰球和滑雪范围青少年及职业运动员培训服务


    a) 中型葡萄酒场,然后把它们联合成大型的单位,
    b) 精密铸造厂购买,
    c) 小型(150-500公顷)农场购买,然后把它们联合成大型单位,使用现代农业和食品生产技术,
    d) 在捷克共和国件事蔬菜温室.

“Czechoslovak Development, Slušovice” (CSD) continues the history of the famous  “JZD Agrokombinát Slušovice”, which was founded in 1949 as the first agricultural cooperative of Zlín district.

The company has a cooperative form and members of CSD are managers of former Agrokombinát and important Czech and Slovak companies, to which CSD company provides international trade in selected territories.

Goods and services supplied by CSD company cover:

1) Food products: wine, fruit spirits, dairy and meat products, mineral waters and sweets.

2) Modern agricultural technology, such as building of hydroponic greenhouses, biogas power stations and photovoltaic plants.

3) Engineering components in the area of precision metal casting for automotive and aerospace industries.

4) Sports couching services for youth and also for professional sportsmen, esp. in ice-hockey and skiing area.

5) Preparation and participation in investment projects:

a) Purchase of medium-sized wineries and their subsequent merging into a significantly sized unit

b) Acquisition of the foundry precision casting

c) Purchase of medium-sized agricultural companies (that manage 150 to 500 hectares) and merging them into major units with subsequent development of modern technologies and food processing

d) Constructing of greenhouses in the Czech Republic for growing of vegetables